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Jessi's Journal

Nov. 12th, 2013

07:46 pm - Healthcare for all in the states (insurance companies not invited!)

Can someone explain why no one has mentioned the idea of removing health insurance all together and just focusing on capping and mandating health facility fees/procedures in general? Health care is much more feasible when the greedy insurance company's are done away with all together. They seem to do more harm than good. Shouldn't we KNOW and AGREE to a fee for service BEFORE we are being billed blindly and going bankrupt? We are at the mercy of the insurance regardless...if they determine this or that fits under certain requirements per procedure/diagnostic and many of these details are restricted from patient view. Ridiculous!

May. 9th, 2010

09:29 pm - Mothers day in May

Today, this Mothers day in May I think of you and the essence which makes the inner you of you too.

I am grateful for the family I chose and the mother that fit the match, to which she rose.

My mommy she will always be, to me, apart of my chi, and forever she will make up the entirety of the being within me.

Mother may I be me, forever may I be free, to be. I thank you for giving me the gift to see. I will always be thankful that she chose me, and the difficult defaults delegated to thee.

I love you mom!



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Mar. 25th, 2010


Jessica Wells
Aug. 1998 (original)
March 2010 (rendition)


There once was a ‘time’ when the distances between our world and the magical worlds of imagination and vision were no further than the blink of an eye.

The streams spoke and the winds whispered ancient words into the ears of whoever would listen.

Every blade of grass and flower had a story to tell.

Shadows were not just shadows,
trees were not just wood
and clouds were not just pretty.

Life had purpose within everything and there was loving interaction between all worlds.

*Man is and was only limited by his fears.

It could be that this unity and vibration of love prevented a furthering of strength and knowledge as well. Without struggle, hurdles, and hard time, our spiritual muscles eventually become weak as well. Whatever the way or wane, a shift was shaped.

A time in space was sprouted and life surrendered to fear.
Those fears closed the doors.
They silenced the streams and winds.

The premise that life did not exist without man dictated the unconsciousness of creation.
This blinding created domination within the course of mentality and mind.
Man would not even consider other animals or creatures as equal, let alone defined as Light or Life.

Immediately, the worlds separated.

Man built walls around his cities first… and then his mind.

His beliefs became restricted and limited.

Man did not understand that to limit Light and Mind, it limited God.

Jealousy, war and domination soon became the norm.
No world ever dies.

The drought doomed from the destruction is only a mirage of death drawn from disarray.
Light and Life still lay hidden among the rubble just under a light laugh, and just in a light of enlightenment.

All worlds still exist, though the doorways are now more obscure. They are merely mirages by mirrors of doubt and they fight with fear instead of loving in Light.

Today, the key holders to these mystical realms live their lives amongst us every day.

They walk the same path and roam the streets diseased by the flesh of doubt and fear.

They are aliens to earth, and yet they are accepted by their mirage where ever they merge.

They can offer us the opportunity to expand our consciousness that we in turn can radiate more light upon our world...

Life is only limited by lack of light.
…and we are only limited by ourselves.

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Mar. 19th, 2010

06:37 pm - Vegas Rear View



Jul. 21st, 2009

06:14 am

------ Memo ------
It's my own fault that I am drawn towards the semi. dramatic and find my cravings among the passionate. Even when they seek me out, I allow them to penetrate my inner, most secret hubble bubble. I fear that enough times of this have displayed the inevitable "Bait and Switch Bully" bruising. While not all are physical bubble beaters, the sanctuary of my soul eventually sours even the sweetest of the suitors. On paper, it is easy to analyze the psychology and derivative. However, the fragile heart and soul of an eclectic ego is too soft and doomed for sorrow. All the annoying self analyzing, optimism, and obsessive openness in the world won't halt the penetrating pain, even at an arms length pretend bed-friend. Be it through pleading, praying, or pleasing, punishment will prevail. Slow and strait seem to strike me much too late and I fear my fortune will forever find me frantic and frowning in my fate fort and torture tort.

To rid desire is still my desire which defeats the delegation and...to hell with damnation.

These messages were brought to you by a naughty girl in time out and a pleading, big-eyed pout.

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Sep. 24th, 2008

12:11 pm

Current Mood: calmcalm

Sep. 16th, 2008

03:30 am - Helium Hellos

Do I need Cryptic cages to lock my built bloodthirsty pounding pounce?

To voice the vacuum that once held hands with helium hellos?

Hide once again, side with a strain
Only to maintain
My mustered up, moldy memories
My mystical melodies
MUST maintain mushy might in the mist

Night night….Please don’t fight.

Current Mood: complacentcomplacent

02:48 am - How Fow Now!

Wondering ways will wade with or without the welcomed wake cake
Why can’t I get back the way we were with or without the crack backed sack?

Will I forever miss what I had? Or just take an active stand and proceed
Past the Chad-had-how
Into the mad-sad-now?

Adultspace…Myspace…your race…
…For the raunchy rack that lacked my case of lace

Seduced by sultry sizzles – adultery fizzles
I lay awake -
- I look alone for my past partner
- I lead myself to murky memories
- I read reminders of re-issued renegades

Perhaps I need to just push past this place and proclaim my own fucking name!
We’re not all the same.
Let me know when you’ve given up on the old GAME.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

Sep. 12th, 2008

12:47 pm - clearity through the cast

Temporary sanity with just enough clarity
to make sense of last weeks rhapsody

Broken doors among the cores of my amores
Repairs to weakened windows

Ripped rightesness still sits in the corner
-a wince, not wanting another recollection

Warmed ice packs from broken hearts
while my multitude of mending is still pending

Pretend the pleasures protrude past
the injured love that is now sealed in a cast

Current Mood: blankblank

Sep. 11th, 2008

04:05 am - memories of bliss

Desire for my pain
My torment you will reign
Reaction for your satisfaction
Resent is all that remains
Control contraption for your collection
Allt hat’s missing is our connection
Force fulfills your fever thrills
Rage reminds the rendered retaliation
Of your hurt, hand-up-her-skirt
Secret station.

Memories of bliss
I am consumed by what I miss
Can we ever get back the us with all this?

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